Wednesday, August 12

Life's Stressed

Friends come and go , family stays as the rivers flow. The one you can always count on can be a bestfriend , but most important are those who has been there for you your whole life. Regrets and mistakes , i've met them all. I guess sometimes life's stresses gets you down, you intend to rebel more because of what they say. Because of my stupid act , i found out a lot. Friends suck at this very moment, and family is my priority. They were there all the way and they didn't give up , well at least some of them. I don't really fancy meeting the others who did. Made promises and satisfied for the results. What i did 2 nights ago was stupid , i have to admit. Way out of league and takes a lot of courage and you have to be way selfish to be able to do so. I didn't think of anyone else but just me, how selfish pfth. They opened up my eyes and cleared up my mind from all those fucking problems that screwed me up. I'm sorry for everything and everyone that got involved in this, i shouldn't have dragged any of you down with me. Thanks for all the support , help and advices. Let's just hope for a better change (: