Sunday, March 21

Hold On

Hey man , I know I haven't been updating my blog for the last few days . I apologize for that . Its pretty hard for me to online on this school holidays . I cant really spend most of my time with this damn laptop everywhere right . So just consider me as being away for awhile . I'll try to update soon , whenever I can :)

Tuesday, March 16


i woke up today, seeing you,
pure perfection is what ive been wanting for
someone real and oh, someone that i can adore

i woke up today, loving you,
theres a smile on my face to show that im happy,
i love you dear, forever and ever baby

i woke up today, hurting you,
oh please forgive me dear, it happened in a rush,
i didnt realise whats happening, hush baby hush

i woke up today, losing you,
dont leave me baby, how can i live without my soulmate?
please dont, please dont turn into someone i hate

i woke up today, hating you,
hating every second the way you left me,
im watching you, oh im watching you baby

i woke up today, crying,
there is no more you since monday morning at 4,
i hurt you, way harder, and i want more