Friday, November 6

I miss nini so much :(

i miss your hug sayang ,

Wednesday, November 4

First Anniversary ,

Hey Hi Hello ,

This is Shaznur Ain binti Sirajudin , or known as 'nini' . From yesterday , 3rd of November 2009 , we're officially one year in our realationship . I love you with all my heart nini . Happy 1st Anniversary baby :)

She wrote this for me ,

If im not with you ,
It doesn't means that im not thinking of you ,
My feelings towards you is still strong and will never change ,
I won't let my heart forget you ,
Stop loving you and start hating you ,
Im sorry .

Without you ,
The world ain't gonna spin the same ,
My day won't be bright like often ,
And my eyes will certainly can't stop pouring out tears ,
Im sorry .

You means a lot to me ,
I can't imagine my life without you ,
It will be empty and full of sorrows ,
If im not longer with you ,
A laugh can't make me happy ,
If your no longer mine ,
Im sorry .

p/s : i hope you will never forget this , I can never fall for anyone as deep as I fall for you nini :)
Im back , sorry for the late update .