Thursday, July 23

Right About Now ,

oh yes, that is what i'm doing right now.

i trust you, so i hope you prove me right.
but judging from what i have seen, it's the opposite.

'in a moment, everything can change' -friggin true.
i won't tell the exact details here, but i'll make it quick.

put it this way, you ask this person nicely , and expect him/her to reply the same way .
but instead , he/she replied like shit . siapa tak bengang kan ?

i controlled my anger , but urgh , i want her/him to know , but nah i think its best for me to act like normal . im unstable now , i think i need help . but nah , i dont think its a good idea to share this with people , even friends . no one can be trusted now , hooyeah .